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Evidence based Q&A review of specific questions in Syncope: In which patients with syncope do you get a NCHCT? Which patients with syncope do you get a troponin? Orthostatic measurements in patients with syncope? Is near-syncope different than syncope?


  1. woods

    woods 1494 days ago Permalink

    patients presenting with syncope should get troponin if cardiac risk factors, chest pain, or other significant comorbidities concerning for ACS or cause of syncope related to demand ischemia (PE, ICH, etc).

    Orthostatic measurements are low yield in syncope patients.

    Near-Syncope should not be treated differently from syncope

  2. bazan

    bazan 1494 days ago Permalink

    Nice summary! I would had, regarding the first point in the post, that Head CT for syncope patients is also low yield. It should be considered mainly in patients with complaints of headache, focal neurologic findings/complaints, or signs of head trauma.

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