Ten minute screencast describing an expanded ABCs mnemonic for Resuscitation.
Evidence based discussion regarding the quantity of fluid resusciation in sepsis.
Evidence based discussion regarding fluid choice for resuscitation in sepsis.
When and when not to push tPA in a code situation.
Bryan Hayes discusses the avoidance of critical medication errors during resuscitations. EMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care by emcrit.
Hear from the RAGE podcast experts on how to take control of the room and run an effective resuscitation.
Behold...the future of ultrasound in cardiac arrest...which people have said for years...so let's hope eventually
Aviation is to anesthesia as Combat Aviation is to ResuscitationEMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care by emcrit.
What is the proper care for a patient in cardiac arrest or shock after smoke inhalation if they don't have severe burns? A review of Cyanide Poisoning, as well as carbon monoxide and Methemoglobinemia with Lewis Nelson of the NYC Poison Control Center.
Trauma resuscitation of the critically ill hemorrhagic shock patient - Part I
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