A 41year-old male without past medical history presents with the image linked to. What's the diagnosis?
Influenza Update, by Jeffrey De La Cruz, MD. Must know for all ED providers this winter!
How to treat pediatric patients with fever and neutropenia.
A review of the basics diagnosis and management of Flexor Tenosynovitis.
A review of tetanus vaccines and guideline timelines.
Is there a role for beta blockers in sepsis? Cynthia Santos, MD presents a review of some recent literature addressing this question in ICU patients.
Wound closure, antibiotics, and post-exposure prophylaxis recommendations for all types of mammalian bites, including dog, cat, human, rat, bat, and others.
Information about how to diagnose and treat rocky mountain spotted fever.
Uncomplicated urinary tract infection (UTI) in older adults: Diagnosis. (see part 2 for treatment options)
Aliem Diagnose on Sight series: A case of a palmar rash.
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