An overview of the basic causes and management of cardiogenic shock.
When and when not to push tPA in a code situation.
Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Presentation, Diagnostic and Management of Air Embolism
When to worry and what to do about severe asthmatics.
Is there a role for beta blockers in sepsis? Cynthia Santos, MD presents a review of some recent literature addressing this question in ICU patients.
An evidence supported approach to the treatment of anaphylaxis, with a focus on the evidence behind the feared biphasic reaction.
Evidence based overview of the Indications for Bi-Level Ventilation
A nice review of the basics of post-intubation hemodynamic collapse. A good resource for med students and interns.
Ways to recognize shock other than through blood pressure.
How to treat shock with epinephrine in pediatric patients.
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