Chalk Talk covers the treatment of acute pain control at the level of Novice Learner.
A review of the data regarding the antibiotics to use to treat uncomplicated cellulitis.

Basics of Thyroid Storm

Thyroid Storm http://emin5.com Videocast Learning Time: 10mins
A videocast review of the basics of Thyroid Storm.
Diagnosis and treatment of seizures in the ED, a intro to the fundamental.
Need some more practice with AV blocks? Case based review of AV blocks with a few pearls on ischemia thrown in. May 5, 2014
A Case based review of MAT (Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia) with Amal Mattu
Thanks to James Cao, MD for this excellent review of the literature on the use of lipid emulsion therapy in various toxicologic emergencies.
In this episode we talk about a mystery gas increasingly used in suicides and get a first hand account from Nick Connors from the NYCPCC.  Articles mentioned are available here and a link to the Frontline documentary. Contributors include Nick Connors and Matt Zuckerman.
In this episode we talk to Eric Brush about hyperalgesia, when opiate use leads to increased pain. We’ll also talk to Steve Bird about some strategies to use when treating acute pain in patients who chronically use opiates.  A must listen for anyone who sees patients on chronic opioids, treats pain in patients with chronic pain, or knows someone who does.  A link to Dr. Brush’s article can be found here and the review of Ketamine as an adjuvant can be found here.
On this episode we discuss medical marijuana, give a tox pearl, and respond to listener questions. We also announce our T-shirt contest! Ed lists some of his preferred Tox references. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman, Bob Hoffman, Brian Wolk, and Ed Boyer.
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