Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in older adults: Treatment (part 2)
A 5 minute video introduction to frostbite.
A great summary of transfusions reactions and their treatment by foamcast

Urologic Emergencies

Kidney Stones http://foamcast.org   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 45mins
An overview of diagnosis and management of Renal Colic, Infected Kidney Stones and Acute Urinary Retention.
Diagnose on Sight: Bilateral Leg Rash - A visual diagnosis case.
Basic airway Assessment and management by Boring EM.
Is there a role for beta blockers in sepsis? Cynthia Santos, MD presents a review of some recent literature addressing this question in ICU patients.
In this episode we talk to Dr. Leo Schep from the National Poisons Centre of New Zealand about the country’s experience with regulating synthetic cannabinoids, known there as “Legal Highs”. Afterwards, you’ll get a first peek at the new talking naloxone autoinjector. Contributors include Matthew Zuckerman and Leo Schep from University of Otago. More information about NZ regulation of legal highs can be found here.
In this special edition episode we talk about ricin and address some of the panic in the press about recent letters being sent to the President and other officials. The whole story involves the KGB, poison beans, tainted mail, Elvis impersonators and ends up in the land that brought us Ed Boyer. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman, Jen Carey, and Ed Boyer. More information on measuring levels can be found here and more information on the infamous Markov case can be found here.
A review of the basics of renal ultrasound by Dr. Bret Nelson.
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