A 5 minute video explaining how to identify right heart strain on echocardiography.
Emergency department pearls on toxic alcohiol poisoning
Evaluation and Management of Heat Stroke by Dr. Katherine Li and expert peer review by Dr. Sara Nelson
Jon Handler, Northwestern University. ACEP EM Informatics Grand Rounds
5 ischemic EKG patters all EM physician should know.
This podcast covers the physiologic changes in pregnancy and how they affect trauma management
Assessment of ventilation of intubated patient. List of possible problems and how to fix them.
Basic approach to managing pediatric anxiety in the ED

Commonly Missed Blunt Trauma Injuries

Trauma http://www.emdocs.net Blog Post Learning Time: 15mins / 0.25CME
Overview of commonly missed injuries in blunt trauma patients
Information about a rare condition important for you to know if a patient with ALPACA ever comes to your ED.
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