PIP Joint Dislocations

Hand https://www.youtube.com Videocast Learning Time: 5mins
PIP Dislocations reduction and splinting.
McGill University ER doctor and sports medicine specialist Monica Cermignani, MD  shares a whole bunch of clinical pearls to assist you in your assessments of knee injuries.
An audio overview of the emergency medicine neurologic exam
A question answer based review of RSI in the emergency department. Including role for fentanyl and lidocaine in RSI.

Pregnancy Emergencies

First Trimester Vaginal Bleeding http://foamcast.org   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 20mins
A review of the guidelines for US in First Trimester Bleeding as well as review of other later trimester pregnancy emergencies like Placental Abruption, Placenta Previa, HELLP and pre-eclampsia.
Asian forest scorpion Scorpion Envenomation.
In this episode we talk to Timothy Wiegand from Rochester about treating the toxicity associated with alcohol and alcohol withdrawal. This was prompted by a recent ACMT pre-symposium in Puerto Rico. We also refer to work by Jose Maldonado with a nice full text review available here. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman and Timothy Wiegand.
On this months episode we talk about spooky Halloween toxicology. What might that be? Listen and find out. Additionally, we cover something even scarier, uncontrollable bleeding. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman, Ed Boyer, Stephanie Weiss, Kavita Babu, and Scott Glazier. As noted in the podcast, here is a link to MedWatch and to the latest JMT article on dabigatran.
In this supplement, we’ll be talking about the Toxicology History and Physical. Contributors include Sean Rhyee, Adam Darnobid, and Matt Zuckerman.
Q&A on traumatic spinal injury that provides an overview focusing on the intial assessment and management in the emergency department.
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