A great review on the basics of testicular pain in the emergency department.
In this video patwari reviews a few causes of the painful testicle, namely: epididymitis, orchitis, epididymo-orchitis, torsion of the testicular appendix and testicular masses
A review of the causes and treatment of Hyponatremia as well as a discussion about various IV fluids and their composition.
In this episode we talk to Dr. Kathryn Weibrecht about a US case of mustard exposure and how to identify and treat these cases. MMWR case series can be found here and a link to the case in Annals can be found here. Contributors include Matthew Zuckerman and Kat Weibrecht.
For this episode we recorded a joint conference with the Aubin Child Protection Center at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The team discusses evaluating a child for medical child abuse and the unique challenge of interpreting lab results.
Aliem Diagnose on Sight series: A case of a palmar rash.
On this episode we discuss organophosphate poisoning including nerve agents and insecticides. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman, Steve Bird, and Adam Darnobid with a shoutout to Jason Hack.
In the inaugural episode, we’ll be talking about bathsalts, as well as some interesting Tox news and a Tox pearl. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman, Ed Boyer, Stephanie Weiss, and Scott Glazier.
Video showing what "cell and flare" in the eye actually looks like in uveitis, iritis, and after surgery.
Watch this video to learn all you need to know to tap a knee.
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