Foamcast covering bread and butter hepatic emergencies including Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Hepatotoxic Drugs
PV Card: Local anesthetic toxicity calculations - using a nomogram (Paucis Verbis card series). Also goes over antidote to toxicity.
What is Intussuception? Pemblog provides the basics of an Intussuception presentation. Be sure to check out part 2 and 3 of their intussuception series for diagnosis and treatment.
Management of Iron Toxicity.
In this special episode we follow up with Steve Bird to talk about what kinds of confirmatory tests are going on to determine if Sarin was used in Syria. This is a follow up to Episode 7 where we talked about the toxicology of organophosphates and nerve agents. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman and Steve Bird.
In this episode we talk about physostigmine for anticholinergic delirium and arsenic in your apple juice. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman and Chuck McKay.
On this episode we discuss metamizole with Brazilian toxicologist Dr. Anthony Wong of the University of São Paulo. Contributors include Stephanie Weiss, Matt Zuckerman, and Anthony Wong.
Overview of patellar tendon rupture
Review of managing hyperkalemia with ECG changes - a must know for every emergency physician.
A review of the basics of Chronic Heart Failure (CHF).
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