An overview of the patterns to look for in an EKG of a patient with syncope. Also a discussion of syncope with bundle branch block.
As appeared in the December 2010 issue of Emergency Medicine Practice Guidelines Update.
Induction podcast and discussion on the approach to patients with syncope.

Syncope, Answers

Syncope http://emlyceum.com Blog Post Learning Time: 15mins
Evidence based Q&A review of specific questions in Syncope: In which patients with syncope do you get a NCHCT? Which patients with syncope do you get a troponin? Orthostatic measurements in patients with syncope? Is near-syncope different than syncope?
Elayne Forbes’ five-part Syncope series, going over - What is syncope? - Reflex syncope - Cardiac syncope- Syncope ECGs - Other causes of syncope
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