Top 15 Tips for New EM Residency Graduates: The Real World
Cliff Reid runs the amazing site interviewed by S. Weingart at emcrit.
A refreshing piece by Dr. Strayer: Learn the eight discrete responsibilities of the emergency physician.
A piece on the philosophy of judging a patient's personal choices/affiliations and one's physician's experience with it.
Amazing lecture - John Hinds' SMACC US keynote on the philosophy / mental model in the approach and execution of resuscitative thoracotomy.
Vodcast on Crit Care Fellowship. EMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care by emcrit.
Not quite ED Critical Care, but Scott Weingart goes over his approach to being productive and getting Sh**t done.
40 shot tips and things to think about for medicals students and doctors in training by David Juurlink via thewinnower platform
Some tips on how to survive night shifts based on one physician's experience.
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