High risk back pain: Spinal Epidural Abscess with a focus on diagnosis and risk reduction for the emergency physician.
Q/A formate, evidence based review of abscess care post I&D.
How to treat pediatric patients with fever and neutropenia.
Evidence based discussion regarding the quantity of fluid resusciation in sepsis.
A quick review of the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment of Mumps by EM in 5.
Going over the evidence of how useful are physical examination manoeuvres for a patient with suspected meningitis?
A deep dive into the data behind the treatment of Otitis Media.
Wound closure, antibiotics, and post-exposure prophylaxis recommendations for all types of mammalian bites, including dog, cat, human, rat, bat, and others.
A deep dive review with Dr. David Newman of the pros and cons of treating strep pharyngitis with antibiotics.
Diangosing cholangitis is changing. Keep up with this post!
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