Dr. Sarah Reid & Dr. Gina Neto discuss the pearls and pitfalls in recognition & management of pediatric sepsis & septic shock, fluid management, IO tips, induction agent of choice, ionotropes of choice & cold vs warm shock
Jon-Emile Kenny from (www.heart-lung.org) explains the complex yet critically relevant pathophysiologic nuances of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A post to read twice.
Evidence based discussion regarding the quantity of fluid resusciation in sepsis.
A nice review of the basics of post-intubation hemodynamic collapse. A good resource for med students and interns.
In this 30 minute talk, Dr. Felipe Teran reviews the basics of mechanical circulatory devices in cardiac arrest and cariogenic shock.
This review discusses patient management after administrating Naloxone in the prehospital setting.
Useful tips on how to place an intraosseous needle in an agitated patient.

High Flow Nasal Cannulae

Critical Care http://emcrit.org   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 45mins
HFNC--the new hot thing or just blowin' hot air?
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