A overview of the pathophysiology, signs/symptoms and treatment of Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis.
A case based review of Necrotizing Fasciitis, a difficult-to-diagnose and potentially life-threatening skin infection.
Going over the evidence of how useful are physical examination manoeuvres for a patient with suspected meningitis?
A quick review of the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment of Mumps by EM in 5.
The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine go over the Cochrane Review revised findings on the effectiveness (or lack there of) of available treatments for influenza.
Does a negative urine dip rule out a urinary tract infection in the presence of isolated lower urinary tract symptoms. A review of what a urine dip can tell us.
An overview of situations in which sending blood cultures may NOT be appropriate, based on guidelines and evidence.
A detailed overview of the diagnosis and management of mastitis and breast abscesses.

CDC Ebola Diagnosis Algorithm

Infectious Diseases http://emblog.mayo.edu Point of Care Resource Learning Time: 30mins
Infographic outlining the CDC recommended approach to diagnosing Ebola in the Returned Traveler.
Influenza Update, by Jeffrey De La Cruz, MD. Must know for all ED providers this winter!
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