How good is the HINTS exam for diagnosing central vertigo? A journal club format review of the data behind the HINTS exam.
Going over the evidence of how useful are physical examination manoeuvres for a patient with suspected meningitis?
Emergency Physician's Approach to the Undifferentiated Lesion
A dive into how to evaluated the pupils during the eye exam with a pen light.
Why don't we dilate in the emergency department? Review of when and how to preform this important procedure as well as some of the important diagnoses to make on a dilated exam.
Video showing what "cell and flare" in the eye actually looks like in uveitis, iritis, and after surgery.

Digital Rectal Exam in Trauma

Trauma Physical Exam   Blog Post + Videocast Learning Time: 10mins
Overview of digital rectal exam (DRE) in trauma
Video showing a cataract lens that has dislocated backwards after blunt trauma.
Overview of patellar tendon rupture
Actual patient sounds, videos, and custom animations of heart sounds and arrhythmias.
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