Review of epidimiology and treatment options for the pediatric patient with migraine
emDocs post going over the guidlines and evidence for Coronary CT for the evaluation of low or intermediate risk chest pain.
Ryan Radecki from EM Lit of Note is here to deconstruct the HEART score, utility of stress tests in low risk patients, and his approach to low risk chest pain.
The Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM): Jane Brody wrote an article, "What Comes After the Heimlich Maneuver" that ran in the NY Times and stirred up a ruckus on Twitter. This is a reasonable article on choking and details the limitations of the Heimlich maneuver.  Unfortunately, the article ends  instructing the layperson cric…

Syncope, Answers

Syncope Blog Post Learning Time: 15mins
Evidence based Q&A review of specific questions in Syncope: In which patients with syncope do you get a NCHCT? Which patients with syncope do you get a troponin? Orthostatic measurements in patients with syncope? Is near-syncope different than syncope?
A basic overview of the causes and approach to patients with torticollis presenting to the ED.
Elayne Forbes’ five-part Syncope series, going over - What is syncope? - Reflex syncope - Cardiac syncope- Syncope ECGs - Other causes of syncope
Dr. Mattu reviews the accelerated diagnostic protocol that he endorses for chest pain patients based on the current guidelines of the American Heart Association.
Differentiating and identifying the dangerous headaches in the emergency department
An opinion on the use of coronary CT for low risk chest pain.
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