42 year old female with no past medical history presents with increasing foot pain over the past 5 days. An ultrasound of her foot was preformed. What's are the findings / what's the diagnosis diagnosis?
28 y/o M found lying unconscious in his apartment with a very abnormal echocardiogram. What's the diagnosis?
Review of XR and CT findings of Chance fracture with link to a more detailed review of this fracture.
A middle aged male with some coronary risk factors presented to the ED after an episode of typical sounding chest pain. What's the diagnosis?
Intoxicated patient with an abnormal EKG, what's the diagnosis?
A 25 yo female presented with 2 days of abdominal pain. An ultrasound was obtained. What's the diagnosis? What are the diagnostic criterial?
A middle-aged male complained of acute onset of chest pain. Blood pressure was 60/palp with a pulse of 40. EKG/ ECG visual diagnosis case, with bonus echo findings.
Diagnose on Sight: Lip Swelling by Dr. Jeff Riddell. A Master Clinician Bedside Pearls podcast by Dr. Chris Doty discusses this case.
A 24 y/o female presents with c/o vaginal spotting and severe abdominal pain. Hypotensive. You lie the patient supine and obtain this ultrasound. What’s your next step?
Visual diagnosis case: 52 y/o male presents redness on thigh and fevers. Ultrasound was done. What’s the diagnosis?
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