Commonly missed pathology in Penetrating Trauma, a review of tension pneumothorax, diaphragmatic injury, hollow viscus injury and urethral injuries and how to avoid missing them.
How to diagnose and manage a central slip injury, an easily missed tendon laceration of the finger.
An easy way to check pupillary response and intraocular muscle movements in patients with swollen eyes.
How to interpret CSF opening pressure.
Building simple finger traps for hand and wrist reductions when commercial finger traps are not available.
Management of lateral ankle injuries and no fracture seen on x-ray in children.
Review of ankle and hindfoot fractures, including imaging, acute management, and follow-up.
Overview of the management of extensor tendon injuries of the hand.
Older adults are at high risk of poor outcomes from even minor head injuries. The CDC has called traumatic brain injuries a ‘silent epidemic’. The first steps to breaking that silence are awareness and recognition.
Wound closure, antibiotics, and post-exposure prophylaxis recommendations for all types of mammalian bites, including dog, cat, human, rat, bat, and others.
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