Ultrasound showing regional wall motion abnormalities in a patient with chest pain
In one place, all of the STEMI equivalents with Steve Smith.
The folks at UOTW present a great case of abdominal pain after eating out. Biliary ultrasound was non-diagnostic. Given that the patient was a touch hypoxic and tachy, however, cardiac windows were obtained next.
A review of the significance of the LBBB and the diagnosis of MI.
The basics of the physiology of STEMI and how it relates to EKG findings.
How to thrombolyse a patient who is having an ST eleveation myocardial infarction - because not EDs have Cath Labs
The diagnosis of STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction) is discussed including the varying ECG patterns that may be seen with anterior, inferior, posterior and lateral STEMI. A great review of the basics!
Posterior STEMI or anterior ischemia? How to tell the difference!
Two Case, 20 mins, tons of pearls regarding how to differentiate STEMI and Pericarditis.
Learn to recognize De Winter's T waves on the ECG and why it's important to know this pattern.
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