A review of commonly missed findings on CT abdomen/pelvis - bowel Rupture, bladder trauma, diaphragmatic injury, mesenteric Ischemia, torsion, cholelithiasis.
Assessing radiation risk in children getting CT imaging: Managing risk and making medical decisions
emDocs post going over the guidlines and evidence for Coronary CT for the evaluation of low or intermediate risk chest pain.
Latest evidence overview of IV contrast and whether it causes AKI.
Update in Trauma Literature Dave MacKinnon Mike Brzozowski Damage Control Resuscitation, Predicting the crump factor, occult hemothorax, tranexamic acid and more.....
In this podcast Ian Stiell discusses the rational use of Clinical Decision Rules (CDRs) and his newest risk scales on COPD, CHF and TIA on EM Cases.
An opinion on the use of coronary CT for low risk chest pain.
Do we really need to expose every fertile female suspected for having kidney stones?
Basics of Knee X-Ray Interpretation by Tessa Davis
A videocast review of hip and pelvis x-rays.
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