Some tips on how to survive night shifts based on one physician's experience.
Top 15 Tips for New EM Residency Graduates: The Real World
Amazing lecture - John Hinds' SMACC US keynote on the philosophy / mental model in the approach and execution of resuscitative thoracotomy.
A refreshing piece by Dr. Strayer: Learn the eight discrete responsibilities of the emergency physician.
Himmel, Champagne & Shook discuss doctor-patient relationship to improve outcomes & job satisfaction with effective patient centered care & satisfaction
Dr. Walter Himmel on critical appraisal of EM literature and the three spheres of Evidence Based Medicine from NYGH EMU Conference 2014
Dr. Walter Himmel & Dr. Jean Pierre Champagne discuss effective patient communication & dealing with managing difficult patients to improve outcomes and job satisfaction in emergency medicine on this EM Cases podcast
An overview of the issues, myths and approaches to the patient leaving AMA.
A review of the IPASS and SBAR mnemonics for improve handoffs in the ED.
What to consider and keep in mind when confronted with the all-too-common violent patient in the Alex Koyfman MD
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