An easy way to check pupillary response and intraocular muscle movements in patients with swollen eyes.
How to interpret CSF opening pressure.
This article discusses alternative, non-opioid, migraine therapies.
Description of pre-hospital stroke unit, discussion of ultrasound for elevated ICP in the setting of ICH, and list of potential antidotes for certain NOACs.
Discussion on the overall safety of lumbar puncture on an anticoagulated patient.
Pulm Crit gives a great primer on ways to optimize the Neuro Critical Care of severe meningitis patients
One physician's approach to the key actions during the first 10 minutes in the resuscitation room with a patient in status epilepticus
A comprehensive review of spinal cord syndromes.

Status Epilepticus with Tom Bleck

Seizure   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 25mins
The cutting edge of Status Epilepticus with Dr. Tom Bleck. Definition, medication choices, basic of EEG interpretation for the ED physician.
How good is the HINTS exam for diagnosing central vertigo? A journal club format review of the data behind the HINTS exam.
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