Simplified Instructions on how to document history appropriately.
Pearls regarding using a magnet with pacemakers and ICDs, with simulation-based examples.
Some non-pharmacologic tips on taking care of children in the ED.
Talk was given by Jay Lemery in May 2015 when he came out from Denver for Grand Rounds at NYU/Bellevue
Professor Simon Carley summarizes 9 core education theories that all educators should know.
One of the hottest buzzphrases in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Education is Stress Inoculation Training (SIT). For this podcast, Swami had the oppo
Dr. Walter Himmel on critical appraisal of EM literature and the three spheres of Evidence Based Medicine from NYGH EMU Conference 2014
Rob Rogers, Ken Milne & Brent Thoma discuss FOAMed, swarm based medicine, tacit knowledge sharing, knowledge translation, flipped classroom, quality assurance in Social Media in Emergency Medicine Learning
The post discussed the P Cubed concept ‘The Maths of a Better Presentation’, a model for improved presentations.
Many in academia have long known about how the practice of student evaluations of professors is inherently biased against female professors. Students, after all, are just as likely as the public in general to have the same ugly, if unconscious, biases about women in authority. Should we scrap this staple of academia?
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