How to diagnose and manage a central slip injury, an easily missed tendon laceration of the finger.
Building simple finger traps for hand and wrist reductions when commercial finger traps are not available.
Management of lateral ankle injuries and no fracture seen on x-ray in children.
Review of ankle and hindfoot fractures, including imaging, acute management, and follow-up.
Overview of the management of extensor tendon injuries of the hand.
Video Cast going over the anatomy and common pathology of the fingertips
US diagnosis of rib fractures and some basics on blunt chest trauma.
A great update on the classification and management of open fractures. What can you do better?
Overview of compartment syndrome, with helpful discussion of signs to raise red flags during physical exam and when a patient should be taken to the OR.
A 5-minute tutorial on locating the brachial plexus in the interscalene groove
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