Review of the safety data for Lumbar Puncture LP in an anticoagulated patient
Review of openning pressures physiology as well as causes of high and low openning pressures.
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Pearls: Perfecting your pediatric lumbar puncture using ultrasound with an included video tutorial.
Discussion on the overall safety of lumbar puncture on an anticoagulated patient.

Lumbar Puncture in Children

Lumbar Puncture   Blog Post + Videocast Learning Time: 20mins
This edition of "why we do what we do" focuses on the use of the early stylet removal technique in lumbar puncture - AKA "The Cincinnati Method".
Ultrasound for lumbar puncture: how to maximize first-pass success in patients with large body habitus, by Stephen Alerhand MD
A great article going over the indications/contraindications, technique and trouble shooting of Lumbar Puncture.
A comprehensive review of post LP headaches, their causes and their treatment.
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