5 ischemic EKG patters all EM physician should know.
A middle aged F presents with burning chest pain, described as 'atypical'. How the terminal QRS can assist in differentiating Pericarditis vs LAD occlusion.
Hyperacute T-waves in middle aged male complaining of chest pain.
Overview of the different types of T wave inversions (TWI) and how to interpret them.
A middle-aged male complained of acute onset of chest pain. Blood pressure was 60/palp with a pulse of 40. EKG/ ECG visual diagnosis case, with bonus echo findings.
33 YOM with chest pain after Jiu Jitsu a case based review on the meaning of De Winter's on EKG.
Chest Pain and Right Bundle Branch Block, a bad sign! A case based review of what to look for.
23 year old female with chest pain, is it STEMI vs. Pericarditis?!
Posterior STEMI or anterior ischemia? How to tell the difference!
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