Trick of the Trade: How to stabilize an intraosseous line (IO).
Useful tips on how to place an intraosseous needle in an agitated patient.
This Procedurette features tips and tricks for placing peripheral IVs in the external jugular vein.
A review of both periferral and central access augmented with Ultrasound. How-tos, pittfalls, tips.
A few pearls about how to approach a patient who needs an ultrasound guided IV.
A review of the data of infectious rates for femoral central lines. Are they really worst?
This short video demonstrates the placement of an intraosseous needle in a septic and hypotensive patient.
A review of which labs drawn from an IO correlate with IV values ie, which labs from IO can you trust.
Demonstration of how to place a subclavian central venous catheter by emcrit.
Video detailing the placement of a blind (without ultrasound) IJ Central Line. At this point, you should be using an Ultrasound, however, this video has lots of good tips and tricks for steps to follow during the placement.
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