Ogilvie Syndrome is also known as colonic pseudo-obstruction. Here is a good refresher on this condition.
A review of the complications related to gastrostomy tubes.
Air in the intestines is never good. Read about how to diagnose and treat it.
A review of commonly missed findings on CT abdomen/pelvis - bowel Rupture, bladder trauma, diaphragmatic injury, mesenteric Ischemia, torsion, cholelithiasis.
This article discusses diagnostic modalities for diagnosing appendicitis in cases when the ultrasound finding is inconclusive.

Basics of Diverticulitis

Colitis http://foamcast.org   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 20mins
A review of the basics of diverticulitis with some c. diff pearls thrown in.
An overview of the non-operative side of the management of small bowel obstruction, with an suggested approach using the 'Zielinski signs', by David S. Morris, M.D.
Diagnose SBO faster, without radiation, start management earlier,a nd get them to the Surg floor sooner
An intro to the unstable patient with a gastrointestinal bleed, by Amar Patel MD
Revisiting the culture of NPO in medicine, are we harming patients? Does it make difference in ED procedural sedation?
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