Pediatric Otitis Externa

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What treatment options are available for children with otitis externa.
Discussion of dental emergencies from infections to trauma as well as dental anesthesia.
The Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM): Jane Brody wrote an article, "What Comes After the Heimlich Maneuver" that ran in the NY Times and stirred up a ruckus on Twitter. This is a reasonable article on choking and details the limitations of the Heimlich maneuver.  Unfortunately, the article ends  instructing the layperson cric…
Diagnose on Sight: Lip Swelling by Dr. Jeff Riddell. A Master Clinician Bedside Pearls podcast by Dr. Chris Doty discusses this case.
Review of the diagnosis, pathophysiology and management of Ludwig's Angina by Dustin Leigh, M.D.
Is Topical Tranexamic Acid Better Than Nasal Packing for Anterior Epistaxis?
A collection of resources for medical staff dealing with tracheostomy emergencies including obstructed, displaced and bleeding tracheostomies.
Insect removal from the ear. Trick of the Trade from aliem.
Discussion and review of the data for prophylactic systemic antibiotics when anterior nasal packing.
Outline of exam, diagnosis, and management of epistaxis in the ED
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