How to make sure you are making the most of your EKG reading skills.
Information about a rare condition important for you to know if a patient with ALPACA ever comes to your ED.
Information about a potential cause of pediatric syncope.
13 minutes on seven board review questions covering lithium toxicity, mastitis, nitrates, aortic dissections, TTP, and more.
Pearls regarding using a magnet with pacemakers and ICDs, with simulation-based examples.
Ultrasound showing regional wall motion abnormalities in a patient with chest pain
What are cardiac causes of pediatric chest pain? Drs. Delphine Huang and Sonny Tat provide details. Expert peer review by Dr. Peter Dean.
emDocs post going over the guidlines and evidence for Coronary CT for the evaluation of low or intermediate risk chest pain.
Ryan Radecki from EM Lit of Note is here to deconstruct the HEART score, utility of stress tests in low risk patients, and his approach to low risk chest pain.
5 ischemic EKG patters all EM physician should know.
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