This article discusses alternative, non-opioid, migraine therapies.
Some non-pharmacologic tips on taking care of children in the ED.
Fentanyl and its non-pharmaceutical analogs are increasingly abused in the growing opioid epidemic problem in the U.S. and Canada. A review of the landscape.
Pain Management Pearls for Older Adults
Helpful tips on management of tubes and shunts in the emergency department. Special focus on helpful ways to reduce anxiety in special needs patients and children.
Dr. Anthony Crocco and Dr. Samina Ali discuss pediatric pain management including triage initiated pain protocols, intranasal fentanyl, dangers of codeine on EM Cases
Cased based overview of how to undertake an US guided posterior tibial nerve block
A 5-minute tutorial on locating the brachial plexus in the interscalene groove
Walter Himmel and Scott Weingart discuss the controversial and evolving topic of fluids in sepsis and septic shock & post-intubation sedation and analgesia
How ultrasound-guided hematoma block can help win your fantasy football championship
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