This article discusses diagnostic modalities for diagnosing appendicitis in cases when the ultrasound finding is inconclusive.
A case of a 101M with Altered Mental Status who ultimately is diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm on ultrasound.
A 25 yo female presented with 2 days of abdominal pain. An ultrasound was obtained. What's the diagnosis? What are the diagnostic criterial?
A review of the how-tos of aortic ultrasound. Free lecture from SonoSweden.
A thorough review on the basics of Right Upper Quadrant, biliary, liver Ultrasound by emcurious.
Diagnose SBO faster, without radiation, start management earlier,a nd get them to the Surg floor sooner
Seriously, you’re still CT’ing every RLQ pain? Get with the program and learn why and how to ultrasound for appendicitis.
Small bowel obstruction: Diagnosis by ultrasonography, a review of the data and criteria for making the diagnosis.
Part Two of the intussusception series focuses on using ultrasound to make the diagnosis.
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