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Benjamin Azan Benjamin Azan
Attending, Emergency Medicine @ Lincoln Hospital

I'm interested in FOAM/Medical Education as well as critical care. I created as a way to keep track and share all of the great FOAM I was reading and discovering. Please feel free to submit cool foam you've found around the internet or contact me if you have any feedback or want to be part of the foambase team!

Cardiology Editor

Mike Halperin Mike Halperin
PGY-2 || Emergency Medicine || Jacobi/Montefiore

I'm a #FOAMed fan, and love all things ECG and Point-of-Care Ultrasound related. Ultimately interested in the delivery of healthcare in resource-limited settings.

Critical Care Editor

Felipe Teran Felipe Teran
Academic Chief Resident, Emergency Medicine @ Mount Sinai Hospital

I'm an Emergency Medicine Resident and clinician educator apprentice at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC. I'm Academic Chief resident at SinaiEM and a Fellow of the educational non-profit ALL NYC EM. I'm interested in medical education, in the science of resuscitation and the use of point-of-care utrasound.

Physical Exam and Ultrasound Editor

Stephen Alerhand Stephen Alerhand
PGY-2, Emergency Medicine

With interests in Ultrasound, Critical Care, FOAMed, and ED Tips/Tricks, I enjoy the way Foambase consolidates valuable education pearls of all forms (blogs, videos, etc) into one place. Along with being a co-editor of, I joined the team as a contributor to the Ultrasound and Physical Exam sections.

Procedures Editor

Zara Mathews Zara Mathews
PGY-4, Emergency Medicine @ Mount Sinai Hospital

I am interested in Disaster Medicine, Global Health, and ED Quality Analysis. Upon completion of residency I am planning to do CEP's Administrative Fellowship in San Francisco. I became interested in Foambase because it is a great resource for all EM docs to access the best high-yield resources the internet has to offer.
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