So last podcast, I bashed on sodium bicarbonate or as John Kellum and David Story call it: chloride-free sodium. This episode I talk about all the good reasons to use NaBicarb.EMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care by emcrit.
Joe Bellezzo, MD along with his partner-in-crime, Zack Shinar, MD have started an ED ECMO service at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego. Scott Weingart talks to Joe about how it works.
Blog post linking to the recent debate of how to use epinephrine (aka adrenaline) in cardiac arrest with a voice reply from Anand Swaminathan to EMCrit's Scott Weingart.
Useful tips on how to place an intraosseous needle in an agitated patient.
An intro to ED ECMO and an alternative way to manage PEA with Rob Orman and Joe Bellezzo.
Jon-Emile Kenny from ( explains the complex yet critically relevant pathophysiologic nuances of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A post to read twice.
One of the most exciting and underutilized therapies for trauma is tranexamic acid (txa).
New medication therapy for cardiac arrestEMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care by emcrit.
Haney Mallemat is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at University of Maryland discusses the critically ill pregnant patient. 
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