Cliff Reid delivers another moving talk on when we should, and especially when we shouldn't stop when resuscitating.
What is the proper care for a patient in cardiac arrest or shock after smoke inhalation if they don't have severe burns? A review of Cyanide Poisoning, as well as carbon monoxide and Methemoglobinemia with Lewis Nelson of the NYC Poison Control Center.
Managing the critically ill pregnant patient: summary of Haney Mallemat's (@criticalcarenow) lecture from the 6th All NYC EM conference from March 12, 2014.
Hear from the RAGE podcast experts on how to take control of the room and run an effective resuscitation.
You can't pick a more critical diagnosis than acute aortic dissection. Mess it up and the patient dies.
Vasopressor stop points, cognitive stop points, and other ramblings from Scott Weingart

Increased ICP and Herniation

Critical Care Neurology   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 25mins
Discussion of increased intracranial pressure (ICP) and herniation.
One of the most exciting and underutilized therapies for trauma is tranexamic acid (txa).
It is winter and that means cardiac arrests coming in with extremely low body temperatures after environmental exposure. How do you deal with hypothermia?
Joe Bellezzo, MD along with his partner-in-crime, Zack Shinar, MD have started an ED ECMO service at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego. Scott Weingart talks to Joe about how it works.
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