Dr. Joel Yaphe & Dr. Clare Atzema discuss controversies in management of hypertensive emergencies - aortic dissection, hypertensive encephalopathy, eclampsia & more
New medication therapy for cardiac arrestEMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care by emcrit.
Haney Mallemat is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at University of Maryland discusses the critically ill pregnant patient. 
Patient presents with sudden onset SOB with ST Elevations on EKG. Dr. Smith gives a great walkthrough of the EKG, Echo, and some pearls on why some STEMIs need further investigation.
Trauma resuscitation of the critically ill hemorrhagic shock patient - Part I
An evidence supported approach to the treatment of anaphylaxis, with a focus on the evidence behind the feared biphasic reaction.
Evidence based overview of the Indications for Bi-Level Ventilation
It is winter and that means cardiac arrests coming in with extremely low body temperatures after environmental exposure. How do you deal with hypothermia?
A SMACC Back on Justin Bowra's IVC Ultrasound bashing a review of the literature for IVC ultrasound for decision on fluid status.
An approach to performing a safe intubation in the patient with elevated ICP by emcrit
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