High Flow Nasal Cannulae

Critical Care http://emcrit.org   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 45mins
HFNC--the new hot thing or just blowin' hot air?
Instructions for using face mask capnography for monitoring breathing in patients.
Aviation is to anesthesia as Combat Aviation is to ResuscitationEMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care by emcrit.
Part I of an amazing talk by Dr. Emmanuel Rivers on Severe Sepsis, Septic Shock, and early goal directed therapy.
Managing the critically ill pregnant patient: summary of Haney Mallemat's (@criticalcarenow) lecture from the 6th All NYC EM conference from March 12, 2014.
Cynthia Santos, MD with airway management recs for your patients with salicylate poisoning, sepsis-induced ARDS, and DKA. Crucial info here!
Walter Himmel and Scott Weingart discuss the controversial and evolving topic of fluids in sepsis and septic shock & post-intubation sedation and analgesia
This review discusses patient management after administrating Naloxone in the prehospital setting.
Don't intubate the severe asthmatic, try NIV first. Obviously they need steroids and throw in Mag. Want more, keep reading!
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