Is there a role for beta blockers in sepsis? Cynthia Santos, MD presents a review of some recent literature addressing this question in ICU patients.
Instructions for using face mask capnography for monitoring breathing in patients.

Coding Asthmatic on the Vent

Resuscitation Pulmonary   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 30mins
Coding Asthmatic, DOPES and Finger Thoracostomy
An intro to ED ECMO and an alternative way to manage PEA with Rob Orman and Joe Bellezzo.
How to assess for endotracheal tube depth in pediatric patients.
Cold, but not all that cold may be the way. EMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care by emcrit.
Vasopressor stop points, cognitive stop points, and other ramblings from Scott Weingart
An overview of the basic causes and management of cardiogenic shock.
Aviation is to anesthesia as Combat Aviation is to ResuscitationEMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care by emcrit.
Cynthia Santos, MD with airway management recs for your patients with salicylate poisoning, sepsis-induced ARDS, and DKA. Crucial info here!
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