On this episode we discuss metamizole with Brazilian toxicologist Dr. Anthony Wong of the University of São Paulo. Contributors include Stephanie Weiss, Matt Zuckerman, and Anthony Wong. More information on metamizole and its effects is available here.
In this episode we talk to Eric Brush about hyperalgesia, when opiate use leads to increased pain. We’ll also talk to Steve Bird about some strategies to use when treating acute pain in patients who chronically use opiates.  A must listen for anyone who sees patients on chronic opioids, treats pain in patients with chronic pain, or knows someone who does.  A link to Dr. Brush’s article can be found here and the review of Ketamine as an adjuvant can be found here.
In this episode we discuss a recent outbreak of Methanol poisoning in Libya that has killed dozens and injured hundreds. It’s also a great exposure to various toxic alcohols. This is a panel discussion with Matt Zuckerman, Richard Church, Christina Hernon, Mark Neavyn, and Steve Bird.
In this episode we talk about a mystery gas increasingly used in suicides and get a first hand account from Nick Connors from the NYCPCC.  Articles mentioned are available here and a link to the Frontline documentary. Contributors include Nick Connors and Matt Zuckerman.
In this episode we talk to Timothy Wiegand from Rochester about treating the toxicity associated with alcohol and alcohol withdrawal. This was prompted by a recent ACMT pre-symposium in Puerto Rico. We also refer to work by Jose Maldonado with a nice full text review available here. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman and Timothy Wiegand.
In this special episode we follow up with Steve Bird to talk about what kinds of confirmatory tests are going on to determine if Sarin was used in Syria. This is a follow up to Episode 7 where we talked about the toxicology of organophosphates and nerve agents. Contributors include Matt Zuckerman and Steve Bird.
In this episode, we talk to Maximilian Gahr about the US emergence of desomorphine (Krokodil) and implications for investigation and treatment. Reports coming out of Arizona and Illinois, are reminiscent of past reports from Germany. Dr. Gahr’s articles on Krokodil can be found here. Contributors include Matthew Zuckerman and Maximilian Gahr.
For this episode we recorded a joint conference with the Aubin Child Protection Center at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The team discusses evaluating a child for medical child abuse and the unique challenge of interpreting lab results.
In this episode we talk to Dr. Kathryn Weibrecht about a US case of mustard exposure and how to identify and treat these cases. MMWR case series can be found here and a link to the case in Annals can be found here. Contributors include Matthew Zuckerman and Kat Weibrecht.
In this episode we talk to Dr. Leo Schep from the National Poisons Centre of New Zealand about the country’s experience with regulating synthetic cannabinoids, known there as “Legal Highs”. Afterwards, you’ll get a first peek at the new talking naloxone autoinjector. Contributors include Matthew Zuckerman and Leo Schep from University of Otago. More information about NZ regulation of legal highs can be found here.
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