In this podcast Ian Stiell discusses the rational use of Clinical Decision Rules (CDRs) and his newest risk scales on COPD, CHF and TIA on EM Cases.
PV card: Pericarditis - Diagnosis and Treatment, summarized by Dr. Chris Bond
Stress testing is a recommended yet controversial part of the ACS rule out protocols. This is a beginners guide to commonly employed stress test modalities.
A short video going over the basics of EKG interpretation, rate, rhythm, axis, intervals.
A case based review of neurocardiogenic injuries from intra-cranial processes with an emphasis on EKG changes.
An opinion on the use of coronary CT for low risk chest pain.
A case of very fast wide complex tachycardia by Dr. Smith.
Non-sustained Ventricular Tachycardia…what do you do?
Getting a good chest pain history can give you specific aspects of the history that can increase or decrease the likelihood that a patient has acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and/or AMI.
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