Helpful tips on management of tubes and shunts in the emergency department. Special focus on helpful ways to reduce anxiety in special needs patients and children.
Wound closure, antibiotics, and post-exposure prophylaxis recommendations for all types of mammalian bites, including dog, cat, human, rat, bat, and others.
Useful tips on how to place an intraosseous needle in an agitated patient.
Discussion on the overall safety of lumbar puncture on an anticoagulated patient.
Video Cast going over the anatomy and common pathology of the fingertips
emDocs post going over the guidlines and evidence for Coronary CT for the evaluation of low or intermediate risk chest pain.
This episode of CRACKCast covers head injury seen in the emergency department. This episode covers a spectrum of head injuries seen in the emergency department along with appropriate management.
Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Presentation, Diagnostic and Management of Air Embolism
ALiEM Trick of the Trade: Extra-oral technique [with video] for reduction of an anterior mandible dislocation by Dr. Kara Toles.  
Basics of Testicular Torsion: Presentation, Diagnosis and Management.
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