Stroke Volume Determination with point of care ultrasound by westernsono and Dr. Arntfield.
A clinical case and step-by-step procedural description of ultrasound-guided thoracentesis
A review of both periferral and central access augmented with Ultrasound. How-tos, pittfalls, tips.
A review of the how-tos of aortic ultrasound. Free lecture from SonoSweden.
A review of the anatomy, technique and clinical approach to diagnosis DVT on beside ultrasound in the Emergency Department.
PV Card: Testicular Ultrasound for Torsion and Epididymitis - in this Paucis Verbis card series. Authors: Drs. Matthew Dawson and Mike Stone.
In this post, Dr. Jacob Avila describes the use of ultrasound to differentiate between CHF and COPD exacerbation in the patient who presents with SOB.
PV Card: Skin and Soft Tissue Ultrasound in this Paucis Verbis card series. Card by Drs. Alissa Genthon, Patricia Henwood, and Mike Stone
A few pearls about how to approach a patient who needs an ultrasound guided IV.
A thorough review on the basics of Right Upper Quadrant, biliary, liver Ultrasound by emcurious.
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