An overview of the patterns to look for in an EKG of a patient with syncope. Also a discussion of syncope with bundle branch block.

Eye Trauma Lecture

Eye Trauma Ophthalmology http://www.rootatlas.com   Blog Post + Videocast Learning Time: 40mins
Video on common eye traumas
emDocs featured article on push-dose pressors and how to prepare them
High risk back pain: Spinal Epidural Abscess with a focus on diagnosis and risk reduction for the emergency physician.
Insect removal from the ear. Trick of the Trade from aliem.
In the future, will we all learn from online videos, tutorials and quizzes?
In this post, Rob Cooney, the man, the myth, the legend, discusses FOAM and the adoption of FOAM into practice.
A data based answer of some specific Trauma questions: When do you use tranexamic acid in trauma? Subclavian, femoral or intraosseous access? PCC vs. FFP? Urinalysis or simply look for gross hematuria?
A dive into how to evaluated the pupils during the eye exam with a pen light.
A great summary of the latest recommendations for concussion patients, including screening, management, anticipatory guidance and followup.
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