A quick overview of the basics of calcium channel blocker overdose.
Comprehensive review article going over the Management of calcium channel blocker and Beta Blocker toxicity.
Review of a paper going over high-dose insulin therapy in treating calcium channel-blocker overdose.
Trick of the Trade: Naloxone Dilution for Opioid Overdose
A review of the recognition and treatment of cyanide poisoning with a focus on the hydroxocobalamin treatment.
Mythbusting the banana bag - Should I give that drunk guy a banana bag? Maybe not.
A review of button batteries in the ED: ingestions, insertions and cautions.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment overview.
Antidiabetic Medications: Hypoglycemic Potential in Overdose - a table of the medication classes and their risk potential.
In this supplement, we’ll be talking about the Toxicology History and Physical. Contributors include Sean Rhyee, Adam Darnobid, and Matt Zuckerman.
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