Ways to recognize shock other than through blood pressure.
Information about options for treating cough in children, including about honey.
All about epididymitis in children, including when and when not to give antibiotics.

Frenulum Tear - Peds

Trauma Pediatrics http://pedemmorsels.com Blog Post Learning Time: 15mins / 0.25CME
How to repair a frenulum tear and other intra-oral injuries.
How to drain an abscess using loop drainage.
When to use absorbable sutures for primary wound closure.
Information about a rare condition important for you to know if a patient with ALPACA ever comes to your ED.
Ogilvie Syndrome is also known as colonic pseudo-obstruction. Here is a good refresher on this condition.
How to help little ones who have wound up with an electrical injury.
A review of the complications related to gastrostomy tubes.
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