Some tips on how to survive night shifts based on one physician's experience.
Auricular hematomas are common complications after direct trauma to the auricle of the ear. A videocast going over how to drain auricular hematomas.
Blog post and video going over the approach to TMJ Dislocation Reduction.
Introduction to the field of biomedical and health informatics by Williams Hersh
Jon Handler, Northwestern University. ACEP EM Informatics Grand Rounds
Part 2 of Bill Hersh's lecture
Review of the causes of cardiac arrest and a new nemonic to remember how to approach these patients, from Dr. Reuben Strayer
Professor Simon Carley summarizes 9 core education theories that all educators should know.
One physician's approach to the key actions during the first 10 minutes in the resuscitation room with a patient in status epilepticus
A comprehensive review of spinal cord syndromes.
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