Ten commandments for Trauma Resusciation and some data to back them up.
42 year old female with no past medical history presents with increasing foot pain over the past 5 days. An ultrasound of her foot was preformed. What's are the findings / what's the diagnosis diagnosis?

Approach to DVT

DVT http://blog.ercast.org   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 20mins
What's the best way to manage DVT? A review of some of the evidence and an approach by Dr. Rob Orman.
Video tutorial of the basics of interpretation of cardiac regional wall motion abnormalities by echocardiography
In this 30 minute talk, Dr. Felipe Teran reviews the basics of mechanical circulatory devices in cardiac arrest and cariogenic shock.

Status Epilepticus with Tom Bleck

Seizure http://emcrit.org   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 25mins
The cutting edge of Status Epilepticus with Dr. Tom Bleck. Definition, medication choices, basic of EEG interpretation for the ED physician.
Dr. Richard Ward tells his Best Case Ever of sickle cell acute chest syndrome that initially presented like a simple pain crisis on this EM Cases podcast
The basics for management of the mild to moderate asthma exacerbation
A nice review of the basics of post-intubation hemodynamic collapse. A good resource for med students and interns.
28 y/o M found lying unconscious in his apartment with a very abnormal echocardiogram. What's the diagnosis?
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